Our Wines


First Ridge Vermentino

Vermentino is at home in the red loam soils on the side of the North facing hill. Good sun light protection from the south and good ventilation has produced a wine exhibiting strong varietal notes. Bursting with fresh pear, pineapple and citrus fruit on the nose. The palate is bone dry with bright lemon pith, pear and a savoury hint of anise giving the wine length and character. 

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First Ridge Fiano

Fiano is the white grape variety grown in the Campania region of southern Italy and on the island of Sicily. Our Fiano displays ripe pineapple and toffee apple aromas. The palate is textured with bright tropical fruits and fresh honey blossom. A portion of barrel fermentation gives the wine a richness, which coupled with the slightly riper spectrum makes it a positive style difference to our other whites and Rosé

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First Ridge Sangiovese

Sangiovese is well suited to our climate and soils, especially when grown on the rocky ridges at 550 meters. This Sangiovese exhibits rich fruit with bright cherry and raspberry notes, and hints of vanilla and spice, which pair perfectly with its subtle, yet savoury tannin structure.

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First Ridge Barbera

Our Barbera is grown at the highest part of the vineyard at just under 600 meters. In this part of the vineyard the top soils are shallow, with the shale rock and iron stone underneath influencing the production of intense, varietal low yielding fruit. Bright spicy berry aromas lead to a palate of rich dark plum and spice, with supportive vanillin oak, backed by crisp acidity, and soft tannins. A hall mark of this variety.

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First Ridge  Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a white grape variety with a greyish pinkish skin, thus why it is called Grigio which means grey in Italian. Immensely popular, the Italian Gris style is typically lighter bodied, has crisp acidity and is fresh, with vibrant stone fruit and floral aromas and a touch of spice.

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First Ridge Rosé

We find that our Sangiovese is perfect for making our Rosé. It doesn't impart too much colour and allows us to maintain the pale salmon pink we are aiming for. It sings in the glass with fresh aromatics of strawberry and hints of of rose petal and spice. The palate is savoury with zesty acidity creating a perfect balance. , whilst giving the palate a savoury feel with zesty acidity to balance. A charming and delicious wine suited to any table.

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First Ridge Enzo

"Enzo" is a blend of a third Sangiovese, a third Shiraz and a third Merlot. Each variety contributes its varietal signature to this wine adding spice aromatic lift, primary fruit, tannin and length. 

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First Ridge Sangiovese Frizzante

Our Rosé is made from Sangiovese fruit.  It is whole bunch pressed to ensure the pale salmon colour desired. It has a lively and inviting nose of strawberries and cream and all the red berry fruit spectrum. Strawberries and spice coupled with lovely savoury textured tannins and light bubbles making this very much a party wine.

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