First Ridge 2017 Fiano


First Ridge 2017 Fiano

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First Ridge Estate is passionate and dedicated to growing and producing the finest Italian varietals in the region. Wines to excite the senses, evoke conversation and rouse passion. Wines to be shared and enjoyed around a table of abundant food, friends and discussion, not unlike a vibrant Italian table. 

Winemaker [enologo]
Made by experienced winemaker James Manners, who believes the vineyard, without exception, is the source of quality and that his job as winemaker is to understand and identify this quality and guide it thoughtfully. He is also equally passionate about Italian varieties and their suitability to our vineyard and region. 

Vineyard [vigneto]
Our Strength is in the suitability of these varietals to the unique aspect and ancient soils of the vineyard. Producing lively, yet elegant food friendly wines. The North to North/West aspect, well ventilated slope. Careful management of vine canopy and fruit thinning all culminate to ensure even ripening and fruit intensity.

Winemaking [vinificazione]
The Fiano was harvested at 12.8 beaume when flavours were optimum, it was crushed, pressed and fermented in stainless steel tank using an aromatic yeast strain. Maturation occurred in a combination of older tight grain 300L French oak barrels for texture and stainless steel tank to maintain and freshness and aromatic lift. 

Tasting [degustazione]
Ripe pineapple and toffee apple aromas. The palate is textured with bright, rich tropical fruits and fresh honey blossom. The portion of barrel fermentation gives the wine a richness which coupled with the slightly riper spectrum makes it a positive style difference to our other whites and rosé.