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“Alira” Prosecco

Our Prosecco is the latest varietal release to join the First Ridge wines collection. Named in honour of the granddaughter of vineyard owners John and Helen, Alira, which means freedom and beautiful, is young, fresh and vibrant, just like it’s namesake.

As with all of the wines produce by First Ridge, our Prosecco is made from grapes grown on our single source vineyard in Mudgee.

Our viticulturist Colin has just returned from Italy and having tasted some beautiful Proseccos whilst there, we are happy to report that our “Alira” Prosecco shapes up well, exhibiting crisp citrus fruit and a beautiful creamy finish.

Our aim with “Alira” is to ensure that we have found the happy spot. As an Italian producer told Col, “make it too sweet and you lose half your customers make it too dry and you lose half your customers. You must find the happy spot”.

Our “Alira” Prosecco is great on it’s own and also an integral ingredient in any traditional aperitifs and Prosecco cocktails.

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First Ridge Peach Bellini

Originally invented at the famous Harry's Bar in Venice, the Bellini is the perfect Prosecco aperitif.

4 peaches (pitted) 1 teaspoon lemon juice

1/2 tablespoon sugar (or 20ml sugar syrup)

3 ice cubes “Alira” Prosecco

Puree peaches, lemon juice, ice cubes and sugar until smooth (do not blend Prosecco). To assemble the Bellini, add 55ml of puree to your glass and top slowly with First Ridge Prosecco. Garnish glass with a slice of fresh peach if you desire.


‘Alira” Prosecco & Raspberry Cocktail

18 fresh raspberries

90ml Raspberry flavoured Vodka

1 bottle First Ridge Alira Prosecco

Using glasses of your choice (we suggest champagne or martini), place 3 raspberries at the bottom of each glass. Equally divide the vodka amongst the 6 glasses and then top with “Alira” Prosecco.


Limoncello & “Alira” Prosecco Cocktail

¼ cup Limoncello (straight from the freezer)

¼ cup First Ridge ‘Alira” Prosecco (chilled)

Combine the ingredients in your favourite wine, champagne or cocktail glass.